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BundleRabbit is a DIY ebook bundling service. Curators can browse through thousands of ebooks, combined the ebooks into a box set, and then sell the box sets.

BundleRabbit also offers collaborative publishing. This allows co-authors to publish a book (both ebook and print) and not worry about splitting the royalties ... BundleRabbit handles the split automatically.

The BundleRabbit service has pretty much taken over all my free time. Because of this, the other websites listed below haven't been updated in a while.



I created StoryToolz back in 2007, updated it a couple years later, and since then it's just been running without any maintenance from me.

StoryToolz provides a few author specific tools such as idea generators and word count meters. A popular feature of the site is a utility that determines the readability of your text.


Kydala Publishing, Inc. is the web site for my publishing company. Initially, I created it for information about the books and stories I have published. But since BundleRabbit has really consumed all my free time, I haven't updated things here in a while.

Eventually I'll get back to this one.


StoryChuck is my blog.

The name StoryChuck seems to me much easier to remember than ChuckHeintzelman.

Unfortunately, like, I've got a bit behind here. There used to be more content, but then I restructured it to make things cooler ... and then got sucked into BundleRabbit.

Still, I'm keeping it around because one day I'll have time to revisit it and bring things up to date.

Sagebrush and Saddles

Sagebrush and Saddles

This is my wife's blog.

All the content here is hers, but since I'm the computer guy in our family I helped her set it up.

Check it out.